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Data Sharing Agreements

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Data Sharing Agreements

People want their personal data to work for them. They expect organisations to share their personal data where it’s necessary to provide them with the services they want. They expect society to use its information resources to stop crime and fraud and to keep citizens safe and secure. However, people also want to know how their information is being used, who has access to it, and what that means for them. People also expect an appropriate level of choice and control, especially over their sensitive data.

Information Commissioner Data Sharing Code of Practice

If you need to share the personal data you collect from your customers with other organisations either routinely or as a one off you need to ensure that sharing is done in compliance with the law. You always need to consider if the sharing can actually be done, and exactly how much personal data needs to be shared. Sharing too much personal data can mean you are in breach of the Data Protection Act. Additionally a data sharing agreement should be in place between yourself and the organisation you are sharing the personal data with.
We are experienced in data sharing, especially sharing between private and public sector bodies, and can help you with your data sharing requirements, including preparing the necessary data sharing agreements, all of which helps you to remain in compliance with the law.